About EAA Chapter 27

We are a busy chapter, and we love it.

Chapter Meetings

Chapter meetings are held every third Sunday of the month, 10 am at Meriden Airport except for July when many members are on vacation and December when we have our Christmas Luncheon at the airport. The meetings are broken into three sections, a general meeting to review chapter activities, news and events, technical counselor reports, and Young Eagle reports. This usually runs about 45 minutes. Then there is a coffee and donuts break followed by a seminar starting shortly after 11 am which runs 20 to 45 minutes depending. Just some of our recent seminars have included:

  • Cross country flying in a light sport aircraft
  • The future of electric power for aviation
  • Flying to Alaska in a homebuilt
  • Civil Air Patrol Search and Rescue
  • Building your own ADS-B receiver
  • Float plane flying

Meetings are open to the public. Please come and join us.

Annual Events

Each September we have a chapter picnic at the airport. Members bring side dishes and the chapter pays for burgers and hot dogs grilled at the picnic. Many times members provide rides to members and guests.

The chapter has its annual holiday dinner the first Saturday in January after New Years. This is a fun event, after the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

Twice a year we hold a fund raising plane wash. We usually combine this with an airport fuel promotion event and have food for sale. See our events list for the next wash party.

October Meriden airport sponsors a public fly in and emergency services festival. There are numerous vendors, exhibits by first responders, lots of food and airplanes. The chapter sponsors an airplane judging contest. We also provide a plane for kids and adults to see and sit in. We gather many names for our October Young Eagles rally at the fly-in.

Special Events

The chapter has organized a number of tours and other special events over the years. This has included;

  • Sikorsky Aircraft Tour
  • Mattituck Engine Overhaul facility Tour
  • FAA New York TRACON center tour
  • Connecticut Air and Space Museum tour

Technical Counselors

The chapter has three technical counselors. Each has built one or more airplanes. Many people interested in building an airplane have many questions and do not know where to start. An EAA chapter the THE best place to start. We can help you understand all the options out there, where to get parts, when and how to build, and how to get started. We can help you regarding the purchase and operation of a factory or homebuilt airplane too.

    Active flying members are happy to show you their planes and offer a ride. Taking a flights indifferent aircraft is the best way to understand the wide range of performance and attributes factory and homebuilt planes have to offer. See the Chapter Introduction Flight description on this web site.

Youth Education Programs

Our members are passionate about flying and building aircraft. Many kids have the same passion but it is very difficult for them to get exposure to flight. Our chapter has a terrific history and ongoing commitment to youth education.

Young Eagles Rallies

Twice a year, June and October we hold large Young Eagles Rallies. When the weather is good we typically provide 20-40 flights. Our record is 84 flights in a 6 hour rally. For more information see our Young Eagles Section.

Boy Scout Aviation Merit Badge Classes

The Chapter conducts Aviation Merit Badge Classes when a troop or Troops have enough scouts interested in forming a class. It is a two day class with a special Young Eagles rally for the scouts at the end. We usually run the class in October but we are flexible.

Teens to Flight RV-12 Construction Program

Our chapter is building an RV-12 airplane with Wilcox Technical High School students. The program started in September 2015. The kids are benefiting in many ways. Not only does math and science come alive through building and flying but they learn how to stay organized, plan ahead, make decisions, work together, and check their work, all things that will benefit them in the future. Our first "graduating" class included one accepted to aircraft mechanics school, and another two planning on pursuing aviation jobs after college.

Our Teens to Flight program plan combined with our youth activities were viewed so successful that EAA headquarters awarded us a completed set of RV-12 wings, the only set awarded, in 2015.

The program is being funded by donations. The plan is to complete the first aircraft, sell it, and use the proceeds to fund the next airplane. We are an IRS designated 501c3 charity. Please donate what you can so we can continue and create a self-sustaining program. The easiest way to donate is on the Teens to Flight page with our PayPal button.