Teens to Flight!

Wilcox High School Students are Building a Real Airplane!

Wilcox students have teamed up with the Meriden Chapter of the Experimental Aircraft Association (www.eaa.org) to build an RV-12 airplane at Meriden airport. The program is called Teens to Flight.

We started in September 2015 and are progressing well. In 2016 we completed the vertical tail, rudder, horizontal tail, anti-servo tabs, and fuselage. The fuel system, electrical wiring, and controls were started in late 2016. We are well organized with significant chapter participation. Chapter 27 has been actively involved with kids for many years. The chapter has flown over 2200 Young Eagles, all of them one at a time. This personal attention won our chapter director Young Eagle chairman of the year from EAA headquarters in 2006. The chapter also runs Aviation Merit badge classes for local Boy Scout Troops. Our program plan and background with kids is so strong we were selected to receive the set of completed RV-12 wings from the Experimental Aircraft Association in 2015. This was a competitive application. Our understanding is the RV-12 wings were the most sought after set.

Build Schedule
Sunday Oct 22 9-12
Monday Oct 23 6-8
Sunday Oct 29 9-12
Monday Oct 30 No Build session, Meriden airport Halloween party
Sunday Nov 5 9-12
Monday Nov 6 6-8
Sunday Nov 12 9-12
Monday Nov 13 6-8
Saturday Nov 18 9-12
Monday Nov 20 6-8

Timelapse of a build session on March 5, 2017

Our plan is to raise enough money to complete the first Rv-12. It will be sold and the proceeds used to buy the second kit. Thereafter the program will be self-sustaining. Any contribution would be appreciated. Visit our chapter web site at www.eaa27.org for more information about the Teens to Flight program and our other many activities. Donations to the Teens to Flight project can be made via PayPal. We are a tax deductible charity and can provide a tax receipt for your donation.

We love to have visitors. We work Monday evenings 6-8pm and Saturday or Sunday mornings 9-12. Contact us for the latest build schedule and if you want more information about our program.

Make a tax-deductable donation via PayPal: