September 2020

10th Sep 2020

Despite Covid restriction difficulties the airport and membership seem to be busy which is great. We have six members in the Spirit of Meriden Flight Club now. We are also picking up new EAA chapter members from the area. Hopefully many will be at the picnic. Please make a point to introduce yourself and explore your common interests with them at the picnic. I am always amazed how interesting many peoples' backgrounds are in aviation and other areas.

MMK News

Tenants moved into the mid ramp and community box hangars last week. They look really nice just like the T hangars. Constance and Wilma continue to work with the contractors on final signage and grounds restoration. The hangars would not have happened without their hard work. Thanks again.

The Spirit of Meriden Flight Club RV-12 is sharing a mid-ramp box with Mark’s Bearhawk. Dave and Mark’s RV-7A is sharing a mid-ramp box with Ed Shuler. We are using a first out last in moving arrangement. If you are in the back you move the front plane, move yours, then move the other plane to the back. When you return you move to the front. This arrangement enables the person who flys the most to move planes the least. So far it is working out. The floor and pavement is very smooth so movement is pretty easy, way easier than the other hangars. If you move into one of the community hangars consider this plan with your hangar mates.

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September 2020