March 2020

10th Mar 2020

A great milestone was passed on Feb 29th, airplanes were moved into the new T hangars! This is a great accomplishment not only by Wilma and her team but by everyone in the Chapter who makes the airport valuable to the community, an educational experience place for kids, and simply a fun place to be. By the way, I am at the airport a lot and I see Wilma there every day working and negotiating with the Contractors. Constance is also still heavily involved too. We still have a ways to go. Be sure to give them encouragement when you see them.

There are a couple pending pieces of legislation to be aware of. The comment period on the original FAA notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) requiring ALL remote piloted aircraft to be registered an have a transponder on board has just ended. Yes, that means some kid who just wants to fly his model airplane would need to register it and have a beacon on board. This of course is a huge over reach. Just because we have the technology to do such does not mean it is a good idea. Though the comment period has ended you can still contact your legislators. For more FAA information go to: For more information on its impact go to;

The second is a favorable piece of Connecticut legislation to eliminate sales tax on aircraft light aircraft. This would save a considerable sum of money on expensive purchases. It would put us in line with surrounding states. It is CT house Bill 5001. For more information go to: and

A teacher once told me, no matter what your views, politics is not a spectator sport! Make your views known, write your respective legislators on these topics. They all have websites that make it easy to send an e-mail message.

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March 2020