June meeting delayed one week

To avoid Father's Day, the June meeting is pushed back one week to June 25

Tetrahedron Refurbished

25th Oct 2021

Several members of our chapter, led by our indominable president, Mark Scott took advantage of the airport closure to move the deteriorating tetrahedron into Mark's hangar for a complete rehab. The tail had been severely damaged during a storm, the paint was badly faded and worn and there other stru...

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The airport improvement project is coming to a close. The Tilcon company was hired to replace the runway, the taxiway, and all the airport lighting with energy efficient LED lights. They started at the crack of dawn on August 23 immediately following a big storm. They even worked through the hurrica...

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New Young Eagles Banner

18th Sep 2021

We now have a couple banners hanging on the airport fence. One faces the road advertising Young Eagle flights to the community and the other side advertises our Chapter presence to people at the fuel pumps. A lot of pilots do know know there is an EAA chapter at Meriden.

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Spring Young Eagle Rally

13th Jun 2021

We had a great rally today. Thanks to every one who helped, and that was a lot of people. Donna had everything well organized and everything went smoothly except the starting weather. It was initially rainy and very marginal VFR weather, but turned into sunny skies by the end. We flew over 40 kids a...

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Donna Shea is taking over as EAA Chapter 27 Young Eagle Coordinator. She's an active Young Eagle pilot and has been a key member of our Ray Scholars team. Her first job is organizing our Spring Young Eagles Rally which will be happening on June 12, 2021 from 9am to 3pm at KMMK.


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Please join us at our virtual meeting this Sunday and hopefully next month we might be able to meet in person. See you there.


Our special guest will be Bill Barry on "Ten Things You Don't Know About NACA"

We found Zoom...

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I have, hopefully, successfully, set up a Zoom meeting for our monthly meeting Sunday Feb 21st. We will start at 10:30 am. We will conduct our regular agenda in an abbreviated fashion. I expect that to be about 15 min or so.

Then we will have a presentation from Drew Lyons, the Recreational Avia...

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