Spring Young Eagles Rally

Plan ahead. Our next Young Eagles Rally will be on Saturday, June 8, 2024 with a rain date of Sunday the 9th. Pre-registration is required and opens on May 7. For more information, click the Young Eagles menu at the top right of this page.

December 2020

19th Dec 2020

Unfortunately, it looks like all our gatherings until at least spring will be canceled. Hopefully we can have a meeting in April or May and get ready for a June Young Eagles rally.

Despite COVID-19 difficulties we still had a good year. We held most of our meetings, had our picnic, and people cont...

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New Website

2nd Dec 2020

elcome to our new website! While the old one was functional, the framework it was created in was getting dated and hard to update. And it didn't include some features such as the "blog" feature I'm using to write this. So we've switched to a new framework called Grav which is more flexible and fea...

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November 2020

1st Dec 2020

Being partially retired now and working with new members in the flight club I have been at the airport a lot lately. The place looks great and there is lots of activity. It is so nice to see. I can remember the days when it looked pretty dumpy, activity was low, and there was no sense of community....

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October 2020

10th Oct 2020

The days are getting short, get your flying in. The colors are starting to come out nicely. Peak foliage is usually the week after Columbus Day in Connecticut.

It was great to see our first Ray scholar Bryce Wiekrykas complete his training and receive his private pilot certificate. This is another...

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September 2020

10th Sep 2020

Despite Covid restriction difficulties the airport and membership seem to be busy which is great. We have six members in the Spirit of Meriden Flight Club now. We are also picking up new EAA chapter members from the area. Hopefully many will be at the picnic. Please make a point to introduce yoursel...

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August 2020

10th Aug 2020

We got to show off the RV-12 two times recently. Once at an EAA Chapter 166 meeting and another at Bridgeport airport to kick off their RV-12 project. We get to do it again at Meriden airport on August 14th. It feels really good to talk about what we have accomplished. Through our chapter’s efforts...

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July 2020

10th Jul 2020

It was nice to see everyone at the meeting June 28th. Attendance was very good. Maybe we should always move our June meeting back one week to miss Father’s Day. Even with hangar door wide open and people widely spaced it still got pretty hot inside, oh well. Maybe fans next time. I was particularly...

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