Young Eagle Rally moved

Our Fall Young Eagle Rally will be on Sunday, October 8 with a rain date of October 21. 9am to 3pm either day. Registration is now open at yeday.org

September 2020

10th Sep 2020

Despite Covid restriction difficulties the airport and membership seem to be busy which is great. We have six members in the Spirit of Meriden Flight Club now. We are also picking up new EAA chapter members from the area. Hopefully many will be at the picnic. Please make a point to introduce yoursel...

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August 2020

10th Aug 2020

We got to show off the RV-12 two times recently. Once at an EAA Chapter 166 meeting and another at Bridgeport airport to kick off their RV-12 project. We get to do it again at Meriden airport on August 14th. It feels really good to talk about what we have accomplished. Through our chapter’s efforts...

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July 2020

10th Jul 2020

It was nice to see everyone at the meeting June 28th. Attendance was very good. Maybe we should always move our June meeting back one week to miss Father’s Day. Even with hangar door wide open and people widely spaced it still got pretty hot inside, oh well. Maybe fans next time. I was particularly...

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June 2020

10th Jun 2020

Yea, we are flying! Sorry it took so long to certify but it was worth it. Now in the air I was able to reflect back on the project. We accomplished a lot. There was a lot of learning all around. We had 20 kids participate for a total of 2501 hrs and 16 adults mentoring and helping at 3018 hrs. I kno...

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May 2020

10th May 2020

Hopefully we get back to meetings starting in June. In the mean time I hope you are able to go flying or work on your project more than you did in the past. As you may have heard Air Venture is cancelled this year. There was just too much grounds preparation to be done now that could not be done saf...

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April 2020

10th Apr 2020

I hope everyone is well and only largely inconvenienced these days. Obviously with the Covid 19 pandemic we have to change our plans like everyone else. The April meeting is canceled. We will see how things look at the end of April before deciding on the May meeting. As part of EAA’s national May 16...

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March 2020

10th Mar 2020

A great milestone was passed on Feb 29th, airplanes were moved into the new T hangars! This is a great accomplishment not only by Wilma and her team but by everyone in the Chapter who makes the airport valuable to the community, an educational experience place for kids, and simply a fun place to be....

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